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The Elemental Fragrances

27. Electric Intercourse

27. Electric Intercourse

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Electric Intercourse, the 27th fragrance from The Elementary Fragrance Company, captures the intoxicating essence of an exquisite night of passion. This fragrance opens with a sensual blend of vanilla, immediately evoking the intimate warmth shared between lovers. The sweet, creamy notes intertwine with the delicate, floral essence of lotus and lily-of-the-valley, reminiscent of the soft, lingering scent on your partner’s skin.

As the night deepens, the aromatic sandalwood incense fills the air, blending seamlessly with the fragrance of entwined bodies. The underlying musk adds a seductive depth, enhancing the rich vanilla and creating a truly unforgettable experience. Electric Intercourse is a celebration of deep connection and passion, offering a sensuous and luxurious fragrance that leaves an indelible mark of intimate elegance and desire.


Top Lotis lily-of-the-valley 

Middle Vanilla Musk

Bottom sandalwood , Amyris

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